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Storm Damage Tree Removal

The resistance of the trees is immense, but climatic changes cause even the toughest ones to be affected by strong storms causing them to lose healthy leaves and entire branches due to strong winds and humidity, and even lightning can strike a trunk and cause damage.

Being a severe problem that should not be ignored, it is always necessary that after an event of that nature, it’s best to have professionals assess the damage done and how you might lessen the damage in the future.

"Jose and his team are amazing! Very professional and friendly and they do terrific work! Very affordable and easy to work with! I would highly recommend them to everyone! Great Job, Jose!"

Dan and Kathy

At Jose’s Tree Service, we have experts who will help you evaluate the condition of the affected part of your home and take the necessary steps in case a tree is potentially dangerous by resolving everything safely and keeping it within budget.

Our Reviews

Doug Layne

"I have hired Jose for several jobs and he always does an amazing job. He is honest and very professional, prompt and leaves the job site clean. I highly recommend him and his team. They are very talented and can achieve more than tree trimming & removal."

Gerry K

"Said they were coming 8:00am Saturday. Arrived at 8:00. In 53 minutes trimmed 3 large trees in front yard. Asked if I was satisfied. Suggested one limb. Done. Cleaned up and raked. Yard looked better than when they arrived. Courteous and hard working. My highest recommendation. Will use them again!!!"

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