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What We Do

Additional Services

Keep your trees looking their best by giving your new space a new look.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall serves to hold the soil in place. This mainly applies to landscapes with small hills. At Jose’s Tree Service, experts evaluate the land accordingly and propose a project with a predetermined budget

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Fence Installation

With over 20 years in the fencing business, we take pride in our quality and excellent customer service. We will guide you throughout the whole process to give you the best solution for your property.

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Our Work Process

How Does It Work?

Our objective is to cover all your needs within the budget provided. That's why at Jose's Tree Service, we work to meet the expectations of our clients, taking care of every detail provided to obtain the best-desired result.

Terrain Analysis

We start with the first evaluation, analyzing and evaluating the space presented and offering a budget according to the request provided.

Step 1
Project In Progress

Once the client approves, we present the project and proceed to execution, verifying that everything is done safely and with the appropriate materials.

Step 2
Finished Project

Finished work is delivered and reviewed to ensure that the customer's specifications and satisfaction have been met.

Step 3
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